Building Blocks – Understanding Business Codes and Standards

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    Covers applying building codes for different building types
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Everything you need to launch your building and construction career and develop your skills

Why understanding business codes and standards are for you?

Our Understanding Business Codes and Standards course brings you up to speed on the basic guidelines around conducting business in the building industry. Undertaking this course you will have a sound understanding of different codes and standards in the building industry such as Type B construction, Class 1 and 10 buildings plus Class 2 to 9 for type C Buildings.

The benefits of completing our Building Blocks

  • Receive a statement of attainment for the units you have undertaken
  • Builds on the knowledge, training and skills you have worked hard to attain
  • Solidifies and formalises the experience and on-the-job skills you have developed
  • Provides clear articulation pathways into a diploma course


*100% online for those working in the industry, blended for those who are not working in the industry


Learn about Business Codes
Gain a better understanding of business codes and the skills and knowledge required to access, interpret, and apply relevant building codes and standards to the construction processes for Type B construction.
NCC Class 1 – 10 Buildings
You will be able to interpret the National Construction Code (NCC) and other codes and standards related to a specific building including Classes 1 and 10 buildings, to a maximum of two storeys. You will cover the structure of the NCC, as well as the ability to access relevant information from the code as applicable to various building projects.
NCC Class 2 – 9 Type C Buildings
You will be able to interpret and apply relevant building codes and standards applicable to National Construction Code (NCC) Class 2 to 9 Type C building projects.

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